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PARS BIBLIORUM (Lambeth Bible)
Isa. [annotation: 198r] Full page: double gold frame with band of blue and white. Bull. pl. vi. Ground of picture brown, of medallions BCFG blue, of DE gold, of KLMN green, of I blue, with green centre (for a diagram of the layout of these medallions and those mentioned below, see published catalogue by M. R. James, p. 7). A is IESSE [Jesse] reclining head to R. in light red mantle. The tree springs from his loins, with white stem, and spreads into the medallions B-G. H is a tall female figure nimbed in dark red mantle over blue, and gold girdle. Her hands support F and G. I; in centre a half-length figure of Christ beardless with cross-nimbus, on green ground, surrounded by an outer ring of seven white doves on blue ground. Medallion B: two prophets with scrolls looking up. One has inscribed scroll Egredietur-et ascendet. C has also two prophets with blank scrolls. All are nimbed. D. Mercy holding a vessel takes the hand of Truth. E. Justice with scales embraced by Peace. F. The Church in blue, crowned, and carrying a slender cross, between two aged men: he on L. has long beard and black scroll, the other points to Christ. Possibly Peter and Paul, but they are not nimbed. G. The Synagogue in blue: a veil is being drawn from her head by a hand above on R. Moses horned supports her on R. A nimbed bearded man on L. takes her hand and looks up towards Christ. The figures in KL are half-length prophets nimbed with scrolls; those in MN are kings with scrolls.
12th century
Illuminated Manuscripts
LPL/Courtauld Institute