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PARS BIBLIORUM (Lambeth Bible)
aniel. [annotation: 285v] Proll. a. Long-bearded and old he sits holding a scroll. b. Bust, long-bearded and old. Both are nimbed: brown and blue grounds. Picture full page. Three tiers. Double gold frame with internal pattern in colour. Bull. pl. viii. A: Ground blue. L. under arch, Nebuchadnezzar in bed, curtains above. The Image of his dream on R. (the silver has turned black). R. Nebuch. throned with sword (courtiers behind) speaks to group of soothsayers on R.; one of them has a scroll. B: Gold, green and blue ground. a. L. Daniel, a boy in Jewish hat, with scroll, is presented by a man to Nebuch. throned on R. b. Three beardless figures: two raise their hands to heaven. c. Under arch. Daniel sleeps. Divine Hand holds a scroll towards him. d. Under trefoil arch. Daniel, young, with scroll, presented by another youth to Nebuch. throned on R. C: a. Daniel stands on L. Nebuch. kneels to him. Four men on R. are swinging a censer. b. The golden image in C. on a fine particoloured base. On L. a crowd of worshippers, and above, men blowing pipes. Behind these the Three Children stand: one holds up his robe. On R. Nebuch. throned: a man with scroll speaks to him and points to the Children. c. Domed furnace. The Children in it, with scroll. Dead men lie in front. Text. Blue ground. Daniel seated (a wall in front): four or five small lions at his feet on R. He looks up to L. where Habakkuk (a large figure), his hair held by an angel, brings a vessel, and cakes of bread. Bull. pl. ix.
12th century
Illuminated Manuscripts
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