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Volume 6
Combination of notes taken from primary and secondary sources and first-hand observations of churches across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Central Europe, arranged alphabetically by county or town as indexed. They are predominately descriptions of Anglican and Roman Catholic churches but also contain descriptions of other Christian denominations and churches of other faiths. Each volume contains written notes on the recto of each folio and newspaper cuttings, photographs, etc. glued to the verso. Volumes are foliated, and churches given running numbers. Index at the end of the volume. Includes descriptions and images of the following churches (listed alphabetically by town): - Acocks Green (Warwickshire) - Akeley (Buckinghamshire) - Alderrnaston (Berkshire) - Alfreton (Derbyshire) - Allerton Bywater (Yorkshire) - Alvescote (Oxfordshire) - Amblecote (Worcestershire) - Arborfield (Berkshire) - Arrington (Cambridgeshire) - Ascot, South (Berkshire): All Saints - Ascott under Wychwood (Oxfordshire) - Aston (Berkshire): Tirrold Chapel - Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire): St. John, RC Church, Methodist Church - Balsall Heath (Warwickshire): St. Paul - Banbury (Oxfordshire): Christchurch, St. Paul, Methodist Church - Barford (Oxfordshire): St. John - Barr, Great (Staffordshire): RC Church - Barston (Warwickshire) - Basingstoke (Hampshire): All Saints, St. Michael, Holy Ghost, RC Church - Baulking (Berkshire) - Bayswater (Greater London): St. Peter - Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire): St. Michael - Bearwood (Berkshire): Bearwood Chapel - Bedford (Bedfordshire): St. Cuthbert, St. John, RC Church - Beech Hill (Berkshire) - Begbroke (Oxfordshire) - Berksmith (Staffordshire) - Bewdley (Worcestershire) - Brickenhill (Warwickshire) - Bierton (Buckinghamshire) - Binfield (Berkshire): All Saints, St. Mark - Birmingham (Warwickshire): St. Agatha, St. Bartholomew, St. Basil, Christchurch, St. Gregory, St. John Deritend, St. John Sparkhill, St. Luke, St. Thomas in Moors, Holy Family (RC), St. Catherine (RC), St. Patrick (RC), St. Peter (RC), St. Michael (RC), Methodist Church Bristol Street, Congregational Chapel Warrick Road - Birtsmorton (Worcestershire) - Bishops Stortford (Hertfordshire): All Saints, Holy Trinity, St. Michael, RC Church - Bix (Oxfordshire): St. James, St. Michael - Blackbourton (Oxfordshire) - Bordesley (Oxfordshire): St. Oswald - Boston Spa (Yorkshire) - Bosley (Oxfordshire) - Bourn (Cambridgshire) - Boxworth (Cambridgeshire) - Bradwell (Derbyshire) - Brampton, New (Derbyshire) - Braywood (Berkshire) - Broadwell (Oxfordshire) - Brompton (Greater London): Brompton Hospital Chapel - Bromwich, West (Staffordshire): All Saints, Christchurch, St. Philip, St. John, Methodist Church Lyng Road - Burcot (Oxfordshire) - Burghfield (Berkshire) - Burley (Yorkshire) - Caldecote (Cambridgeshire) - Calverton (Buckinghamshire) - Cambridge (Cambridgeshire): St. Barnabas, St. John, St. Catherine's Chapel, Ridley Hall - Castle Bromwich (Warwickshire) - Castle Church (Staffordshire) - Castle Morton (Worcestershire) - Chalvey (Buckinghamshire) - Chapel Alterton (Yorkshire): Methodist Church - Charterhouse (Greater London): St. Mary, New Jewin Welsh Chapel - Chelsea (Greater London): St. Andrew, Hospital Chapel - Chesterfield (Derbyshire): St. Augustine - Chesterton (Cambridgeshire): St. Andrew, St. Luke - Clanfield (Oxfordshire) - Clewer St. Agnes Spital (Oxfordshire) - Clifford (Yorkshire): RC Church - Coleshill (Berkshire) - Collingham (Yorkshire) - Compton Winyates (Warwickshire): Chapel - Cookham Dean (Berkshire) - Cornwell (Oxfordshire) - Coton (Cambridgeshire) - Cote (Oxfordshire): Baptist Church - Coventry (Warwickshire): Cathedral, Christchurch, Holy Trinity, St. John, St. Michael (Methodist), RC Church - Cowley (Oxfordshire): St. John's Home, Methodist Church - Coxwell, Little (Berkshire) - Cranbourne (Berkshire) - Crowell (Oxfordshire) - Cuddington (Buckinghamshire) - Curdworth (Warwickshire) - Didcot (Berkshire): RC Church - Dorney (Buckinghamshire) - Drayton (Oxfordshire) - Dronfield (Derbyshire) - Dry Drayton (Cambridgeshire) - Dudley (Warwickshire): St. Edmund, St. Thomas - Earls Croome (Worcestershire) - Easthampstead (Berkshire): St. Andrew, St. Germain - Edgbaston (Warwickshire): St. James - Elmdon (Warwickshire) - Elsworth (Cambridgeshire) - Emner Green (Oxfordshire) - Engelfield (Berkshire) - Epwell (Oxfordshire) - Erdington (Warwickshire): RC Church - Eton (Berkshire): Lower Chapel - Eton Wick (Buckinghamshire) - Eversden, Great (Cambridgeshire) - Eversden, Little (Cambridgeshire) - Eye with Dunsden (Oxfordshire) - Faringdon, Little (Oxfordshire) - Fawley (Buckinghamshire) - Filkins (Oxfordshire) - Fingest (Buckinghamshire) - Finsbury (Greater London): St. Joshua (RC) - Foxton (Cambridgeshire) - Filbourn (Cambridgeshire) - Garford (Yorkshire) - Gipton (Yorkshire) - Girton (Cambridgeshire) - Goring Heath (Oxfordshire) - Gornal, Upper (Staffordshire) - Gravelly Hill (Warwickshire): RC Church - Grimsbury (Oxfordshire) - Guildford (Surrey): Methodist Church - Halesowen (Worcestershire) - Hall Green (Warwickshire) - Halton (Yorkshire) - Hambleden (Buckinghamshire) - Hampton in Arden (Warwickshire) - Hanborough (Oxfordshire): Christchurch - Handworth (Staffordshire): St. James, St. Peter - Hanley Castle (Worcestershire) - Hanley Swan (Worcestershire) - Hasland (Derbyshire) - Hay Mill (Warwickshire) - Hathersage (Derbyshire): RC Church - Headingley (Yorkshire) - Headingley, Far (Yorkshire) - Headington (Oxfordshire): RC Church - Hempton (Oxfordshire) - Henley (Oxfordshire): Holy Trinity - Heyford, Lower (Oxfordshire) - Highmore (Oxfordshire) - Histon (Cambridgeshire) - Holbeck (Yorkshire): St. Matthew - Holwell (Oxfordshire) - Hook Norton (Oxfordshire): Baptist Church - Hope (Derbyshire) - Horley (Oxfordshire) - Hornton (Oxfordshire) - Hoxton (Greater London): Holy Trinity - Hughenden (Buckinghamshire) - Hunslet (Yorkshire): St. Cuthbert, St. Silas, St. Mary, St Joseph (RC) - Hunslet Moor (Yorkshire): St. Peter - Hurley (Berkshire) - Hurst (Berkshire) - Ibstone (Berkshire) - Impington (Cambridgeshire) - Kidderminster (Worcestershire): St. George, St. John Baptist, St. Mary All Saints, St. Ambrose (RC), Baxter Congregational - Kidmore End (Oxfordshire) - Kelmscott (Oxfordshire) - Kencott (Oxfordshire) - Kennington (Greater London): St. Augustine Queens Gate, St. Barnabas, Christchurch, St. George Campden Hill, St. Helen, St. Michael, St. Paul Onslow Square - Keswick, East (Yorkshire) - Kings Norton (Worcestershire) - Kingston (Cambridgeshire) - Kingston Blount (Oxfordshire) - Kingston Lisle (Oxfordshire) - Kippax (Yorkshire) - Kirk Deighton (Yorkshire) - Kirkstall (Yorkshire) - Knowl Hill (Berkshire) - Langford (Oxfordshire) - Lavender Hill (Greater London): Congregational Church - Leamington (Warwickshire): All Saints, St. Albans, Holy Trinity, St. John, St. Michael, St. Paul, St. Peter (RC), Dale Street Chapel - Lechlade (Wiltshire) - Leeds (Yorkshire): St. Andrew Stourton, All Saints, Christchurch, St. Clements, St. Edmund, St. George, St. Hilda, St. James, St. Margaret, St. Martin Potternewton, St. Mary Quarry Hill, St. Simon, St. Augustine (RC), Mount St. Mary (RC), St. Patrick (RC), Holy Rosary (RC), Sacred Heart Cardigan Street (RC), Sacred Heart Burley Road (RC), Oxford Place Methodist, Mill Hill Chapel - Littlewick (Berkshire) - Lolworth (Cambridgeshire) - London Docks (Greater London): St. Peter - Longdon (Worcerstershire) - Loudwater (Buckinghamshire) - Madingley (Cambridgeshire) - Maidenhead (Berkshire): St. Luke, St. Peter, St. Joshua (RC) - Maidi Moreton (Buckinghamshire) - Malvern (Worcestershire): All Saints, Christchurch, St. Matthias, The Ascension, St. Peter - Malvern Wells (Worcestershire): Monastery Chapel (RC), St. Joshua (RC), St. Wulstan (RC) - Manston (Yorkshire) - Mapledurham (Oxfordshire) - Marlow (Buckinghamshire): Holy Trinity, St. Peter (RC) - Marlow, Little (Buckinghamshire) - Meanwood (Yorkshire) - Methley (Yorkshire) - Middleton Cheney (Northamptonshire) - Milton [Adderbury] (Oxfordshire) - Milton under Wychwood (Oxfordshire) - Milverton (Warwickshire): St. Mark - Morton (Derbyshire) - Moulsford (Berkshire) - Newbold (Derbyshire): RC Church - Newington, South (Oxfordshire) - Newland (Worcestershire) - Newton (Cambridgeshire) - Northfield (Worcestershire): RC Church - Nottingham (Nottinghamshire): Holy Trinity, St. Mark, St. Nicholas, St. Peter - Oakley (Buckinghamshire) - Oldbury (Worcestershire) - Olton (Warwickshire): Franciscan Church - Orwell (Cambridgeshire) - Oulton (Yorkshire) - Oxford (Oxfordshire): St. Clement, Radcliffe Chapel, St. Bartholomew, St. Edward's School Chapel, St. Hugh's Chapel, Hertford Chapel (Old), Lincoln Chapel, Jesus Chapel, St. Columbas Presbyterian, Rose Hill Methodist, New Road Baptist, Commercial Road Chapel, Woodstock Road Baptist - Pedmore (Worcestershire) - Piddington (Oxfordshire) - Pilsley (Derbyshire) - Pinxton (Derbyshire) - Pishill (Oxfordshire) - Pleasley (Derbyshire) - Purley (Berkshire) - Radford (Oxfordshire): RC Church - Reading (Berkshire): St. Bartholomew, St. Stephen, St Mary Castle Street - Remenham (Berkshire) - Ribbesford (Worcestershire) - Rotherfield Grays (Oxfordshire) - Rotherfield Peppard (Oxfordshire) - Roundhay (Yorkshire) - St. George in the East [Cannon Street] (Greater London) - St. Luke City Road (Greater London) - St. Clement City Road (Greater London) - St. Luke Nutford Place (Greater London) - St. Marylebone Nutford Place (Greater London) - Salford (Oxfordshire) - Saltley (Warwickshire) - Seacroft (Yorkshire) - Sedgley (Staffordshire): RC Church - Selly Hill (Warwickshire) - Selly Oak (Warwickshire): St. Mary, St. Wulstan, RC Church - Shadwell (Yorkshire) - Sheldon (Warwickshire) - Shelford, Great (Cambridgeshire) - Shelford, Little (Cambridgeshire) - Shilton (Oxfordshire) - Shiplake (Oxfordshire) - Shipton on Cherwell (Oxfordshire) - Shirland (Derbyshire) - Shurlock Row (Berkshire) - Shustoke (Warwickshire) - Smethwick (Staffordshire): Old Church, Holy Trinity, St. Matthew, St. Michael, St. Philip (RC) - Solihull (Warwickshire): St. Augustine (RC) - Stafford (Staffordshire): St. Chad, Christchurch, St. Mary, St. Paul, St. Thomas, RC Church - Stanley (Yorkshire) - Steeple Barton (Oxfordshire) - South Stoke (Oxfordshire) - Stony Stratford (Buckinghamshire) - Stourbridge (Worcestershire): St. John, St. Thomas, Methodist Church, RC Church - Stow cum Quy (Cambridgeshire) - Stowe (Buckinghamshire) - Stubbings (Berkshire) - Sulham (Berkshire) - Sulhamstead Abbots (Berkshire) - Sulhamstead Bannister (Berkshire) - Summertown (Oxfordshire): Summerfields School Chapel, Congregational Chapel, The Countess of Huntingdon - Sunningdale (Berkshire) - Sunninghill (Berkshire) - Sutton in Ashfield (Nottinghamshire): St. Michael - Swalcliffe (Oxfordshire) - Swillington (Yorkshire) - Swinford, Old (Worcestershire) - Swyncombe (Oxfordshire) - Tadcaster (Yorkshire) - Theale (Berkshire) - Thorpe Arch (Yorkshire) - Tidmarsh (Berkshire) - Tingewick (Buckinghamshire) - Toft (Cambridgeshire) - Touchen End (Berkshire) - Tulse Hill (Greater London): Roupell Park Methodist - Turville (Buckinghamshire) - Tylehurst (Berkshire): St. George - Upton (Berkshire) - Upton (Buckinghamshire) - Upton on Severn (Worcestershire): New Church, St. Joshua (RC) - Wakefield (Yorkshire): Wakefield Cathedral, St. Andrew, Holy Trinity, St. John, Bridge Chapel, RC Church - Warfield (Berkshire) - Wallingford (Berkshire): Baptist Church - Walsall (Staffordshire): St. Andrew, St. George, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Michael, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Patrick (RC), Methodist Church - Walton (Yorkshire) - Wandsworth (Greater London): Baptist Church - Wantage (Oxfordshire): RC Church - Wapping (Greater London): St. John, RC Church - Ward End (Warwickshire): Christchurch - Warfield (Berkshire) - Wargrave (Berkshire) - Warkworth (Northamptonshire) - Warren Row (Berkshire) - Warwick (Warwickshire): All Saints, St. Paul, RC Church - Washwood Heath (Warwickshire): Methodist Church - Watchfield (Berkshire) - Water Eaton (Oxfordshire) - Water Orton (Warwickshire) - Water Stratford (Buckinghamshire) - Wendlebury (Oxfordshire) - Westwell (Oxfordshire) - Wetherby (Yorkshire): RC Church - Whitacre, Nether (Warwickshire) - Whitechapel (Greater London): St. Paul - Whitchurch (Oxfordshire) - Whitchurch Hill (Oxfordshire) - Whittlesford (Cambridgeshire) - Wilbraham, Great (Cambridgeshire) - Wilbraham, Little (Cambridgeshire) - Wimpole (Cambridgeshire) - Windsor, Old (Berkshire) - Wingfield, North (Derbyshire) - Winkfield (Berkshire) - Witney (Oxfordshire): Methodist Church - Wokingham (Berkshire): All Saints, RC Church - Wolverhampton (Staffordshire): St. George, St. John, St. Mark, St. Mary, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Mary and Joseph (RC), St. Patrick (RC), St. Peter and Paul (RC) - Wolverton (Buckinghamshire): St. Mary - Woodcote (Oxfordshire) - Woodlesford (Yorkshire) - Woodley (Berkshire) - Woodstock (Oxfordshire): St. Andrew - Wootton (Berkshire) - Worcester (Worcestershire): St. Clement, St. George, St. John in Bedwardine, St. Michael, St. Oswald's Chapel, St. Peter - Wortley, New (Yorkshire): St. John - Wroxton (Oxfordshire) - High Wycombe (Berkshire): RC Church, Methodist Church - West Wycombe (Berkshire): St. Paul, Downley, Sands - Yardley (Warwickshire) - York (Yorkshire): St. Cuthbert, Holy Trinity Micklegate, St. Michael's Abbey
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