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VX IA/10/297/1-6
ROSE (Mary), of Portsmouth, Hants
Vicar General
Notarial copy of the licence of Peter Mews, bishop of Winchester, for Rose to practise medicine and surgery in the diocese of Winchester, 19 Sept. 1695, annotated with fiat of William Clements, surrogate, 16 April 1696. 3 letters testimonials addressed to the bishop of Winchester certifying that she had 'cured severall people of diseases, wounds, straines, bruises, etc., dated Portsmouth, 26 March 1696 and signed by 1) Richard Hill, surgeon of Chamber Friggitt, David Rose, sworn surgeon, London, Philip Rose, Doctor of Medicine, Edward Patteson, surgeon of the Rose, Henry Bayly, surgeon of the Marlyn; 2) Thomas Lacey, commander of H.M.S. Greenefish, Thomas Acton, commander of the Merlyn, Capt. Joseph Hargrave, Capt. John Foulk, and Capt. Stephen Elliot and others, [ships' company], and Thomas Heather, [vicar of Portsmouth]; 3) wives or other female relatives of signatories of the previous testimonial. Commission, 15 April 1696, executed and returned, with oaths and subscription, by the Rev. Thomas Heather, 18 April 1696
18 April 1696