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Sion College manuscripts
A fragment of the Historia Scholastica, composed in Paris around 1170 by Peter Comestor, or Petrus Comestor (died c.1178). The Historia is a sacred history from the Creation to the Acts of the Apostles, drawing mainly on the books of the Bible. This copy was probably written in France. ff. 1r-52r. The fragment begins in Maccabees at 'matri et iiiior fratribus' (J.P. Migne, Patrologia Latina cxcviii. 1518 c) and lacks sections 43-59 and parts of sections 42 and 60 of Acts, owing to the loss of four leaves after f. 40. Acts ends on f. 50v and is followed by: 'De locis in quibus passi sunt apostoli. Petrus et paulus rome sepulti sunt ... esse conciues. Amen' (ff. 50v-52). f. 52v (originally blank). Additions in current cursiva include lines 2361-404 of the Doctrinale puerorum of Alexander of Villedieu, also known as Alexander de Villa Dei (c.1175-1240), headed 'De figuris secundum alexandrum'. The pagination (see Physical Description) suggests that at some time before 1722 a single volume of the Historia was divided into Old Testament and New Testament parts.
Quarter leather binding, with boards covered in marbled paper, 371 x 230 mm. !8th century. Vellum leaves (and unnumbered paper flyleaves). 360 x 210 mm. Written space 283 x 145 mm. 2 cols. of 48 and (from f. 28) 56 lines. ff. 1-52 are paginated in a hand of 17th or early 18th century from 297 to 375 and from 385 to 407. Collation: 1-3(12); 4(12) wants 5-8 after f. 40; 5(8). Initials: (i) ff. 2v, 34r, 50v, gold on pink and blue grounds, patterned in white; (ii) 2-line, blue with red ornament or red with either blue or green ornament.
Early 14th century