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Sion College manuscripts
A collection of hymns and sequences, mainly of York use. ff. 1r-4r. Hymns found in the Sarum breviary. ff. 1r-3v. Seventeen week-day hymns, 'Sompno refectis' - 'Aurora iam spargit'. These are nos. 19 to 35 in the list of hymns in the Sarum breviary in 'Breviarium ad usum Sarum', ed. Francis Procter and Christopher Wordsworth, 3 vols. (Cambridge, 1879-86) vol 3, p. ciii. f. 4r. 'Christi miles', a hymn for the feast of St. Vincent. This in no. 82 in the Procter and Wordsworth list; the text is printed by them in vol 3, p. 107. ff. 4v-39r. Sequences of York use. The sequences are 104 in number ('Celeste organum' occurs twice). Of these, 99 are found in 'Missale ad usum insignis ecclesiae Eboracensis', ed. William George Henderson (Surtees Society, vols 59-60, 1874), vol 1 pp. 1-259, vol 2 pp. 1-227. The five here but not in the text of the York missal as printed by W.G. Henderson are 'Sonent regi' (f. 5v), 'Vox clarescat' (f. 15v), 'Mirabilis deus' (f. 36r), 'Aue gloriosa uirginum regina' (f. 36v), and 'Iubilans concrepa' (f. 38v). Of these five, 'Aue gloriosa' (U. Chevalier, 'Repertorium Hymnologicum', 6 vols. (1892-1921), no. 1828) is printed by W.G. Henderson from this manuscript in his appendix V (Henderson, vol 2, p. 321). All the others, except 'Vox clarescat' (U. Chevalier, 'Repertorium Hymnologicum', no. 22203), are printed by W. G. Henderson in his appendix IV, derived from MS. Bodley 775 (Henderson, vol 2, pp. 285, 298, 312). The sequences printed by W. G. Henderson but not in the present collection are 'Vox iubilantes', 'Hac clara die', and of Five Wounds, Visitation of B.V.M., and Corona Domini (vol 1, pp. 217, 254; vol 2, pp. 86, 214-15, 221). E. Missel and W. H. J. Weale, Analecta Liturgica, II. ii. 405-25, give the variant readings of this copy for their nos. 759-77. f. 40v. An addition on a fly leaf. 'Sospitati dedit egros ...', with musical notes. (U. Chevalier, 'Repertorium Hymnologicum', 6 vols. (1892-1921), no. 19244, for St. Nicholas. f. 39v, originally blank, and the fly-leaves, ff. 40 and 41, bear many scribbles, including the words 'Item for tawnys boght of Thomas Wylson xx s.' repeated eleven times on f. 41r and memoranda of payments 'a magistro meo' in 1506-8 on f. 39v. The names Johannes Key, Thomas Smallpage, and Jenet Hyrstwode are on ff. 38v, 39r, 15th-16th century.
Leather binding 230 x 160 mm., 19th century. Paper leaves, c.220 x 150 mm. Written space c.165 x 140 mm. 23-27 long lines. No ruling. ff. 40, 41 are medieval fly-leaves. Collation: 1 three; 2(16); 3(12); 4(8). Written in current anglicana. 2-line and 1-line red initials. Secundo folio 'pulsis'.
15th century