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Sion College manuscripts
A noted breviary of York use. An imperfect copy (MS. I), which has been made complete by the addition of 71 leaves of another copy, also noted and of York use (MS. II), and a Psalter, Canticles, and Litany on 57 leaves (MS. III). The added pages are 1-32, 61-66, 153-8, 391-504, and 809-906. There is some overlapping. pp. 1-358. Temporale. pp. 358-69. Dedication of church. pp. 369-71. Suffrages (as in the Surtees Society edition 'Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Eboracensis', i. 939-44). pp. 371-8. Table of dates of Sundays after Septuagesima and Trinity Sundays ('Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Eboracensis', i. 706-26). p. 378. 'Benedicciones communes' and on special occasions. pp. 379-90. Calendar, graded. pp. 391-504. Psalter, canticles, and litany. pp. 505-70. Common of saints. pp. 571-906. Sanctorale. The noted office of St. William of York, 'In Willelmi laudibus ...' ('Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Eboracensis', ii. 297), is placed after the Litany (MS. II) and ends imperfectly at the words 'Beatus vir', owing to the loss of a leaf after p. 504. It occurs again in its place at p. 675 (MS. I). The calendar contains added obits of the family of Lovell: Elizabeth, wife of George Lovell, 5 Aug. 1475; Grace Lovell, 7 Oct. 1516; Robert Lovell, 'heres de Lovell', 24 Jul 1521; Anne, wife of Robert Lovell, 28 Aug. 1521; also 'Obitus Iohannis Gylberne de Skelton', 18 Apr. 1506 [The date 1421 given in VCH for the deaths of Robert and Anne Lovell is evidently an error]. An addition (16th cent.) in a blank space on p. 570, 'Ihesu for thy passion grante vs for syn contrition ...', signed 'Robertus Gylbarne rector ecclesie' (rector of Skelton, near York, 1526-9), is printed in 'Notes and Queries', 2nd series v (1858), p. 145. Three leaves of a liturgical Psalter, 15th century, in 2 cols, of thirty-seven lines, were used in the former binding of the breviary. They now form pp. (xvii, xviii, 907-10).
Binding of black leather, blind tooled, over wooden boards, with metal clasps. 310 x 225 mm. Late 19th century. Paper leaves 290 x 200 mm. Written space c. 238 x 150 mm. 2 cols. 51 lines (MS. I); 33 and 45 lines (MS. II).
14th century - 15th century