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ff. 256r-268v. Voyages of George Clifford (1558-1605), 3rd Earl of Cumberland. 'All the Nyne Memorable Voyages made by the Righte Honorable George Erle of Cumberland, to and from the King of Spayne's territoryes, wherof the first Seaven are here onely briefly comprehended, the other twoo vizt the Eighte and Nyneth onely at large collected and written oute of Credible advertizments', by Richard Robinson, citizen of London [Richard Robinson (1544/5-1603)], 23 April 1599. For other autograph manuscripts written by the scribe Richard Robinson, see Sion L40.2/E10, ff. 39-47, 65-9. At the end of the seventh voyage occurs the following statement: 'Thus muche was related unto mee by the sayde worthy Capteyn Willyam Midleton's worde of mowthe some tymes having bene a Soldyer and Leevetenant as allso Ensigne bearer under the vertuous renowned Sir Philip Sydney Knight in the Lowe Contryes and here a follower in all these voyages and in the Eight Voyage allso here now next followyng, wherof hee and Capteyn Thomas Greenewell gave mee under theyre handes in wryting these Credible advertizments in maner and forme from poynte to poynte as followeth'. The Ninth Voyage is prefaced with the statement, 'Firste penned at sea by Ro. Thornton, Mr. Walter Cope and Peter Hayburn Passingers 1598. Newly amplifyed and trewly written by other credible advertizments per me R.R.'. See H.M.C. 12th Report (Cowper), 1888, pt.1, 16; G.C. Williamson, 'George, third Earl of Cumberland' (Cambridge,1920), 26; R.T. Spence, 'The privateering Earl', 1995. See also MS. 2688. f. 268 is blank.
15th century - early 17th century