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Church of England Record Centre (CERC)
Vol 11
Combination of notes taken from primary and secondary sources and first-hand observations of churches across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Central Europe, arranged alphabetically by county or town as indexed. They are predominately descriptions of Anglican and Roman Catholic churches but also contain descriptions of other Christian denominations and churches of other faiths. Each volume contains written notes on the recto of each folio and newspaper cuttings, photographs, etc. glued to the verso. Volumes are foliated, and churches given running numbers. Includes descriptions and images of the following churches (listed alphabetically by town): - Alderton (Wiltshire) - Alford (Somerset) - Alton Abbey (Hampshire) - Anport (Hampshire) - Appleshaw (Hampshire) - Arlington (Durham) - Ascot, South (Berkshire): St. Francis (RC) - Ashford, South (Kent) - Ashow (Warwickshire) - Asthall Leigh (Oxfordshire) - Aron Dassett (Warwickshire): St. John the Baptist, RC Church - Babcary (Somerset) - Bagshot (Surrey): RC Church - Bampton (Durham) - Barford (Warwickshire) - Barnack (Northamptonshire) - Barnstaple (Devon): St. Peter, Holy Trinity, St. John Newport, St. Anne's Chapel, Penrose Almshouse, Hospital Chapel, RC Church, Methodist Church - Barrow, North (Somerset) - Barrow, South (Somerset) - Bentley (Hampshire): Mission Chapel - Bentworth (Hampshire) - Berrynarbor (Devon) - Brideford (Devon): St. Mary, RC Church, Congregational Church - Binsted (Hampshire) - Birdingbury (Warwickshire) - Bishops Hill (Somerset) - Bishops Itchington (Warwickshire) - Bisley (Surrey): Gordon Boys Home, Shaftesbury Home - Bourton on Dunsmore (Warwickshire) - Bowes Park (Middlesex) - Bradley (Hampshire) - Braunton (Devon) - Brede (Sussex) - Bremhill (Wiltshire) - Bridgwater (Somerset): St. Mary, Holy Trinity, St. John, St. Joseph (RC) - Bromley by Bow (London): St. Peter - Brondesbury (Middlesex): St. Anne, Christchurch - Bruton (Somerset): St. Mary, Sexey's Hospital - Bubbenhall (Warwickshire) - Budbrooke (Warwickshire) - Candover, Brown (Hampshire) - Candover, Preston (Hampshire) - Castle Carey (Somerset) - Chantry (Somerset) - Charlecote (Warwickshire) - Charlton (Hampshire) - Charlton Adam (Somerset) - Charlton Mackrell (Somerset) - Chawton (Hampshire) - Cheddon Fitzpaine (Somerset) - Chesham Bois (Buckinghamshire): RC Church - Chesham Vale (Buckinghamshire): Baptist Chapel - Chippenham (Wiltshire): St. Paul, St. Mary (RC) - Chobham West End (Surrey) - Cholesbury (Buckinghamshire) - Clapton (London): All Souls, All Saints, St. James - Combe Martin (Devon) - Combroke (Warwickshire) - Cicklewood (Middlesex): St. Gabriel, St. Michael, St. Peter, St. Agnes (RC) - Croscombe (Somerset) - Crouch End (Middlesex) - Crowland (Lincolnshire) - Crowthorpe (Berkshire): Wellington College - Cubbington (Warwickshire) - Dalston (London): Holy Trinity, St. Mark - Deeping St. James (Lincolnshire): Priory, RC Church - Derry Hill (Wiltshire) - Dollis Hill (Middlesex) - Doulting (Somerset) - Down, West (Devon) - Downhead (Somerset) - Downside Abbey (Somerset) - Easton Gray (Wiltshire) - Elm, Great (Somerset) - Emmington (Oxfordshire) - Empshott (Hampshire) - Evercreech (Somerset) - Exmoor (Somerset) - Fairfield (Kent) - Farnborough (Berkshire) - Farnborough (Warwickshire) - Farncombe (Surrey) - Farringdon (Hampshire) - Fawley (Berkshire) - Fenny Compton (Warwickshire) - Fernhurst (Sussex) - Ferring (Sussex) - Finsbury (London): St. John Brownswood Park - Fletton (Huntingdonshire) - Foxley (Wiltshire) - Frankton (Warwickshire) - Friern Barnet (Middlesex): St. Peter le Poer - Fyfield (Hampshire) - Glastonbury (Somerset): RC Church - Godalming (Surrey): Godalming Charterhouse, RC Church - Goring (Sussex) - Gratham (Surrey) - Grittleton (Wiltshire) - Grove (Buckinghamshire) - Guldeford, East (Sussex) - Guy's Cliffe (Warwickshire) - Hackney (London): St. Mary of Eton, St. Luke, Old Gravel Pit Unitarian - Haggerston (London): St. Paul - Ham, Low (Somerset) - Ham, High (Somerset) - Hampstead (London): All Saints, Christchurch, Holy Trinity, St. John's Chapel, St. Peter Belsize Park, St. Mary (RC) - Hampton Lucy (Warwickshire) - Hanbury (Warwickshire) - Hanwell (Oxfordshire) - Hartley Mauditt (Hampshire) - Hastings (Sussex): All Saints, Christchurch, St. Clement, St. Clement Halton, Emmanuel, Holy Trinity, St. Mary in the Castle, St. Mary Magdalene - Hawkley (Hampshire) - Hawridge (Buckinghamshire) - Highbury (London): St. Augustine - Highgate (London): St. Anne Brookfield, St. Augustine, St. Mary Brookfield, Highgate School Chapel, Whittington College - Holcombe (Somerset) - Holloway, Upper (London): St. Peter - Holmer Green (Buckinghamshire) - Honerton (London): St. Paul, RC Church - Hornsey Rise (London): St. Mary - Hullavington (Wiltshire) - Hurstbourne Tarrant (Hampshire) - Iden (Sussex) - Illfracombe (Devon): St. Peter, Holy Trinity, St. Philip and St. James, St. Nicholas' Chapel, Christchurch, RC Church - Islington (London): St. Andrew, St. George Tufnell Park, St. Peter de Beauvoir Town, St. Silas Pentonville - Ivychurch (Kent) - Kelleways (Wiltshire) - Kenilworth (Warwickshire): St. Nicholas, St. John - Kennardington (Kent) - Kentisbury (Devon) - Kentish Town (London) - Kimpton (Hampshire) - Kineton (Warwickshire): St. Peter, RC Church - Kingsnorth (Kent) - Kington St. Michael (Wiltshire) - Lanyatt (Somerset) - Langley Burrell (Wiltshire) - Langley Fitzurse (Wiltshire) - Lasham (Hampshire) - Lee (Devon) - Leek Wootton (Warwickshire) - Leigh on Mendip (Somerset) - Leytonstone (Essex): St. Catherine, Holy Trinity, St. Margaret - Lightwater (Surrey) - Lillington (Warwickshire) - Littleton Drew (Wiltshire) - London (London): St. Peter and Vincula - Lovington (Somerset) - Luckington (Wiltshire) - Lullington (Somerset) - Lundy Island (Devon) - Lynmouth (Devon) - Lynton (Devon): St. Mary the Virgin, RC Church, Congregational Church - Maida Vale (London): Catholic Apostolic Church - Mapledurwell (London) - Market Deeping (Lincolnshire): St. Guthlac, RC Church - Marsworth (Buckinghamshire) - Martinhoe (Devon) - Marton (Warwickshire) - Medstead (Hampshire) - Mells (Somerset) - Middlezoy (Somerset) - Milton Cleveden (Somerset) - Milverton, Old (Warwickshire) - Mollington (Oxfordshire) - Monkton, West (Somerset) - Monxton (Hampshire) - Muswell Hill (Middlesex): St. James, Our Lady (RC) - Neasden, North (Middlesex): St. Catherine, RC Church - Northam (Devon) - Norton (Wiltshire) - Oakhanger (Hampshire) - Ore (Sussex) - Orlestone (Kent) - Othery (Somerset) - Palmers Green (Middlesex): St. John, RC Church - Parracombe (Devon) - Peasmarsh (Sussex) - Penton Mewsey (Hampshire) - Peterborough (Northamptonshire): St. Paul - Petherton, North (Somerset) - Pilton (Devon) - Pitney (Somerset) - Playden (Sussex) - Poplar (London): All Saints, Christchurch Isle of Dogs, St. Mark Victoria Park - Priors Dean (Hampshire) - Radford Semele (Warwickshire) - Radway (Warwickshire) - Reading (Berkshire): St. Agnes, St. William of York (RC) - Rode (Somerset): St. Lawrence, Christchurch Rode Hill - Rotherwick (Hampshire) - Rye (Sussex): Austin Friary, St. Antony (RC), Baptist Chapel - Rye Harbour (Sussex) - Ryton on Dunsmore (Warwickshire) - St. John's Wood (London): St. Mark Hamilton Terrace, Our Lady (RC), Presbyterian Church - St. Leonards (Buckinghamshire) - St. Leonards (Sussex): Christchurch, St. Leonard, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Thomas (RC), Central Methodist Church, Congregational Church - St. Mary Bourne (Hampshire) - Sandhurst (Berkshire): St. Mary - Selborne (Hampshire) - Send (Surrey) - Shefford (Berkshire): Holy Innocents, [St. Stephen] Shefford Woodlands - Shepton Mallett (Somerset) - Sherborne (Warwickshire) - Sherston (Wiltshire) - Shirwell (Devon) - Shotteswell (Warwickshire) - Smannel (Hampshire) - Snave (Kent) - Somerton (Somerset) - Stamford (Lincolnshire): All Saints, St. George, St. John - St. Martin (Northamptonshire) - St. Mary (Lincolnshire): St. Michael, St. Paul, Browne's Almshouse, St. Leonard's Priory, RC Church - Stanground (Huntingdonshire) - Stanton South Quintin (Wiltshire) - Stanleigh (Warwickshire) - Stratton on the Fosse (Somerset) - Stretton on Dunsmore (Warwickshire) - Stroud Green (Middlesex): St. Peter in Chains (RC) - Sunbury, Upper (Middlesex) - Sydenham (Oxfordshire) - Taunton (Somerset): St. Andrew, Holy Trinity - Thorney (Cambridgeshire) - Thruxton (Hampshire) - Thurloxton (Somerset) - Tisted, East (Hampshire) - Tovesey (Oxfordshire) - Trentishoe (Devon) - Tytherton Lucas (Wiltshire) - Udimore (Sussex) - Ufton (Warwickshire) - Wallop, Over West (Hampshire) - Wallop, Nether (Hampshire) - Walthamstow (Essex): St. Barnabas, St. James, St. Saviour, St. Mary, St. Michael, St. Stephen - Warehorne (Kent) - Warmington (Warwickshire) - Warwick (Warwickshire): Warwick School Chapel, Methodist Church Northgate - Wash Common (Berkshire) - Wasperton (Warwickshire) - Watlington (Oxfordshire): RC Church - Wellesbourne (Warwickshire) - Weston in Wetherley (Warwickshire) - Weston Zoylaid (Somerset) - Westward Ho (Devon) - Weyhill (Hampshire) - Whatley (Somerset) - Whittlesea (Cambridgeshire): St. Andrew, St. Mary - Wield (Hampshire) - Willesden (London): St. Andrew, St. Matthew, St. Michael Stonebridge Road, St. Mary Magdalene (RC) - Wichelsea (Sussex): Greyfriars - Wiveliscombe (Somerset) - Woking (Surrey): St. Saviour, Brookwood - Wood Green (Middlesex): St. Andrew, St. Michael, St. Paul (RC) - Woodlands (Berkshire) - Woodmancote (Hampshire) - Woodston (Huntingdonshire) - Woolverton (Somerset) - Worldham, West (Hampshire) - Yaxley (Huntingdonshire)
1954 - 1955